Cherry 2014-15

Y3 -St. Augustine's School

Cherry 2014-15

Cooking with Jamie Oliver

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Friday was a very busy afternoon at St. Augustine’s School everyone in school took part in Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day by making a delicious Squash It sandwich!

You can find the recipe here if you would like to have a go at making it.

Take a look at some of our pictures below…

Did you enjoy the afternoon?

Can you remember what you put into your Squash it sandwich?


Weekly readers 08.05.15

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Well done to all of those who have done their reading this week! We have managed 61% again this week!

Lets aim high and get over 90%, we have done it before so I am sure we can do it again!

Keep reading!


Clumber Park Walled Gardens

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On Friday, Cherry Class went on their trip to Clumber Park.

What a lovely day we had!

First of all we went on a leaf, flower and twig hunt around Clumber lake. Then we stopped and sketched some of the wonderful plants around us before playing on the fun-filled play area.

After a picnic lunch dinner we went to the Walled Gardens with our Learning Ranger, Vicky. She took us on a tour of the glass houses and the different room where all the garden’s equipment is stored. She showed us some really old gardening tools and explained how the gardens were kept many years ago. She also talked to us about the different plants that are grown in the glass houses and what they need to survive. We then went into the gardens and looked at the different types of plants that were growing there. Next we picked some herbs and made a Harry Potter herb potion (which smelt beautiful!) before trying some foods grown in the gardens too!


Take a look at some of our pictures from the day:


trim.5F1AF8FB-B24F-48D8-87B0-5E8C11890681 from St. Augustine’s School on Vimeo.

Did you enjoy the trip Cherry Class?

What was your favourite part?

What did you learn?


weekly readers 01.05.15

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19 people in Cherry class read 5 or more times last week! Well done!

Thats 61% of the class doing their reading everyday, this is a great percentage but I know we can read even more at home!

Keep reading Cherry class!



Meses del Año!

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We have been learning the months of the year in Spanish today!

enero = January

febrero = February

marzo = March

abril = April

mayo = May

junio = June

julio = July

agosto = August

septiembre = September

octubre = October

noviembre = November

diciembre = December

We used this song to help us.

Which month is your birthday in?


Weekly Readers 24.04.15

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Well done 67% of Cherry class have read 5 times or more this week!

Ben, Cody, Blake, Lana, Louie, Lewis E, Nathan, Brogan, Molly, Isabella, Oliver, Owen S, Jamie T, Aidan, Jamie W, Cydney, Melody and Matthew have all been busy reading over the easter break.

A special Congradulations goes to Charlie, Chelsey and Millie who have all managed to read more than 10 times!!

Come on cherry class you’ve started this term with a great percentage but I know we can do better!!

Keep reading!!


Super Symmetry

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In our superhero Numeracy lessons this week we have started looking at symmetry.

What is symmetry?

What shapes have lines of symmetry?

Why not have a go at this game to create some symmetrical patterns?


Takeaway Home Learning Menu

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Welcome back Cherry class! I hope you have all had a lovely two weeks and are all ready to get back learning!

Over the next 5 weeks you have been given a takeaway home learning menu to work from. You need to do one starter one main course and one dessert over the course of the term. At the end of term we will be having a home learning showcase where you can show everyone in year 3 the work that you have done!

You have all been given the Menu to take home but heres a link to it, just in case.

Takeaway Home Learning – Summer Term

I look  forward to seeing how creative you all can be.


Wearing blue for Bluebell Wood

April 3rd, 2015 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

I hope you all had a lovely last day of term! We have had a very busy term and I can’t believe how quickly it has flown by!

What have you learnt this term?

What was your favourite thing we have done this term? 

You all made such a great effort to wear something blue for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, a charity supporting children with a shortened life expectancy, and their families, both in their own homes and at their hospice in North Anston.


For more information about the incredible work Bluebell Wood do click here.


Weekly Readers 02.04.15

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Well done cherry class you have really tried hard with your reading this week. We have managed to get 70% of you reading more than 5 times this week!



Keep up with your reading! Remember that the library is open over the holidays so you can carry on reading lots of different books. We will be learning about plants and animals next half term, maybe you could borrow a book and do some research for it!