Cherry 2014-15

Y3 -St. Augustine's School

Cherry 2014-15

Super Science

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Following on with our plants topic today we were looking at what plants needs to survive and what the functions are for the different parts of the flowering plant.

Which part of the plant were you?

What does that part do? 





Can you name the main parts of a plant?


Weekly Readers 18.06.15

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Well done to the 19 members of Cherry class that have done their  5 or more reads this weeks.

A special well done goes to Charlie, Ben, Blake, Lana, Nathan, Chelsey, Millie, Jamie W, Melody and Mattie who have done their 5 or more reads every week this half term! Great work guys!


Weekly readers 12.06.15

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well done to the 17 members of cherry class that have read over 5 times this week, well done to Charlie, Jamie W, Chelsey and Millie who have read over 10 times this week!


This is only 58% though, i know we can do better than this Cherry class!

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Terrific timelines!

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As part of our topic focussing on Kings and Queens, Year 3 have been putting some important time periods in order to create a time line.

We started off by thinking about the time periods we have already learned about including this year including Ancient Greece, Robin Hood and the Victorians before adding some other important eras of our history

We then found out about the important people who were in charge at these different times.

What did you learn from our lesson Year 3?


Weekly readers 05.06.15

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Well done to the 16 members of Cherry class who have read five or more times a week!



But that’s only 53% of the class, come on cherries I know we can do better than that!!

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Kings and Queens day

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Our first day back to school was a kings and queens wow day! This was a great way for us to introduce The Kings and Queens throughout British history topic to carry on with our learning on ‘who’s in charge?’

It was great to see so many of you dressed up like Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses. Not only in our classroom but in Chestnut as well!

imageWehad such a fun day we designed and created our own crowns, sang our National Anthem, learned all about the Queen of Hearts and made jam tarts, designed our own costume for a prince or princess, listened to funny stories about our Queen and made some rules up that we would bring in if we were in charge of the country!

What are you looking forward to learning about the most in our Kings and Queens topic?

What did you enjoy on our WOW day?




Plant poetry!

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In year three we have been learning about poems here is an example!

Plop,plop,plop goes the seeds underground.

Splash,splash,splash goes the water on the round ground.

Spring,spring,spring goes the seeds underground.

Needs,needs,needs for the seeds underground.

Row,row,row goes the rows in the field.

Pick,pick,pick go the babies picking flowers.

No,no,no goes the farmer in the field.

Cry,cry,cry go the babies picking flowers.

Shout,shout,shout goes the mother of the babies.

End,end,end of the world in the field!

by melody2018


Water Safety assembly

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We have learnt so much about water safety and how the RNLI keep us safe at the beach.



What did you learn in todays assembly?

I learnt that a beach with a lifeguard is 500 times safer than a beach without a lifeguard.

Can you remember what lifeguards wear?

How do we know where the safe areas on the beach are?

Make sure you always read the safety signs around water, they are there to help you and keep you safe.

To find out more about the RNLI and how you can support them click here.


Creative calligrams in the Wildlife garden

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In literacy this week, Year 3 are learning about another type of poetry…calligrams.

Here are two examples of a calligram poem:

Today we started planning our own calligrams about plants and wildlife so we went into our school Wildlife Garden to seek inspiration.

We saw lots of wonderful natural wild flowers, trees and plants to give us some ideas.


Tomorrow we will begin using the ides that we gathered today to write our calligrams.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with Year 3!

What are you planning on doing your calligram about?


Weekly Readers 15.05.15

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Well Done Charlie, Ben, Blake, Lana, Lewis E, Nathan, Brogan, Abbie, Chelsey, Isabella, Millie, Oliver, Owen S, Aidan, Jamie W, Cydney, Melody and Matthew.

You have all read five or more times this week!